Thursday, 18 August 2011

I'm back...

Kan.... setahun lebih katanya nak update. Well Ive moved to a bigger hospital now, bigger dept. Busier schedule. Letih la. I'll update bit later


Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Kids and Bowling

Bowling is fun. My all-time favourite. I dont mind playing on my own, I just love bowling. So are badminton and squash, but u need a willing partner for that, so they are not readily playable unless u manage to find one.

Children are cute, they are playful. They melt ur heart, make ur day and so on. I like kids.

Watching kids playing bowling are fun. But when they play next to you, they can give you headache. A big one.

I play bowling now and again, and I try to regularly when I get a chance. But playing after schooltime is not always pleasant. Sbb tempat tu offer, satu game sepound or sumthing for kids after school. Seriesly, berpinaran mata tengok budak2 berlari disekeliling. Sangat bahaya. There are just so many possible accidents that could happen, I was annoyed coz the carers seems not bothered to behave them.
1- Im worried if tetengah nak campak bola tu tetiba ade budak ketot berlari belakang, pang bola 12pounds terhentak kat kepala. Pecah terus. Especially bowler with an aggressive approach like me (LOL)
2- Jari terkepit cecelah bola. Dah la jari tu comel, bola tu bapak besar maha berat. Budak2 ni gemar melenggang dekat tempat letak bola tu. I saw ade budak meraung2 sbb jari nye yg kecik tu terkepit cecelah bola yg berat. Mrasa. Ade pulak yg gemar berlarik2 sambil bawak bola, ade je kemungkinan bola tu terjatuh atas kaki lantas menyebabkan Lisfranc injury.
3- Terjatuh, then head injury. Tempat tu kan cam dah la licin. ade split level or sumthing, so u can easily get tripped over and hit ur head against metal bar etc. Kalo kene bjik mata buta terus.

By the way my day off went uneventfully. Did a lil bit of reading but spent most of the day sleeping. And web browsing. Also another day off tomoro, so I should make some plans. Damn, need to wash my scrub. For some reason I got 3 bottoms and 1 top. Dah abis stock katanya. So kenelah basuh scrub tu every 2 days. Nak basuh setiap hari tak larat. At the moment, kaler hijau tuua. Heard rumour says, they gonna revise the colour very soon. I need another top for the time being, that would save me from basuh baju all the time! :(


Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Today was the day everything dint seem to be right. BOLLOCKS!! just when I thought I was settling nicely into A&E, I was jaggered violently by few incidences that left me numb (well slightly, nampak sgt mereka2). I started today's shift without a momentum, and I picked a case that was rather not so str8 forward. You know the kind of patient who you think you can possibly send home, but u kinda worried here and there. The kind that u think would be embarrasing to deserve a referral. I was on it for ages, and i was going round and round (and round!) and not making a brilliant progress. I must hv committed sins last night! DAMN And the second card I picked, was rather similar-ish. I have now realised that trauma cases are mostly str8 forward and easy to manage, prolly takes minutes, from arrival to discharge!

But above all, there was nothing worse than being torn into-pieces by a hard-tongued, perfectionist cansultant radiologist. Well there was a case this afternoon of a patient who arrived with complaints of tummy pain and collapse. Apparently he went to see his GP earlier, and he was found to hv bloood in urine for which he was prescribed a medication for urinary infection. He got home, and BOOOOM..he COLLAPSED!!! He arrived in the casualty in a peri-arrest state, and was haemodynamically shocked!! I just nosed in, to find out what was happening in the resus (i.e. the room with all the equipments in the department to resuscitate the most ill patients who were brought in from the community). That was when my consultant asked me to speak to surgeons and arranged an ultra-urgent CT abdo, as the initial examination revealed abdo tenderness, while she was carrying out a fast scan assessment. Unfortunately this happened at a lunch time, and I was running str8 to this radiologist's office to request a scan, only to find she wasn't there. Then went running to CT suite, but they refused to do without a consultant signature, then I went looking for her in the canteen. But no success. Then I went throu switchboard, I was put throu to her secretary twice, not on her mobile. seriously I was kidded, how on earth a supposedly-oncall consultant is not contactable through any mode of communication???? It drove me nuts! I wasted 25mins searching around the hospital, only to be told she had returned to her office from god-knows-where. Whilst in laboured breathing (panting more like), I was elaborating the story about this poor chap, only to be quizzed on the justifications of CT abdo etc. Damn... wasted another 10-15 mins, In the end she agreed (obviously with my consultant's intervention, althou she was also startled with all those glorious questions!!!). there where so many arguments etc that I cant be arsed to tell. But GIRL, that was tough! She asked textbook stuffs. I was lucky to hv done surgical rotation recently! But in her fairness, she made the attending physicians to be more responsible with their clinical findings, rather then dumping the diagnostic responsibilities onto her shoulder. In the end the patient was found to hv a leaking AAA, and was taken to the nearest vascular department. phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I wont bother speaking to her again next time unless it's real emergency. PERIOD!

It's been a long shift again today, and my legs started to blister. Well more like kulit kering and stuff.
Buruk... despite nightly moisture-locking-lotion

Luckily Im off tomoro, and I should hv ample time to recover before another long shifts on the weekend. Sadly, it is going to be the third working weekend of the month. I am horrendously annoyed!!!

Friday, 23 April 2010

Skimpy Gym outfits

Hello chippets and chipmunks.. why do people (especially girls)like donning skimpy outfits while working out in the gym??

*tak pitam ko pergi gym tgk org kangkang pakai baju camni?*

a) saje nak dedah so boleh tayang body kat jejaka tampan menawan. boleh feeling sexual (yeah baby)
b) senang nak lari and get physical, so tak rasa rimas baju jela2 dengan peluh lagi
c) skarang kan summer, so panas nak cover2 ni. pakai seminimal yg boleh
c) out fit cam tu murah, dah beli, so pakai je
d) senang nak basuh
e) all of the above

I really dont know the answer, so I really appreciate if girls can give their first hand opinions. As a third party (kan), yg sampai lelah segala berlari2 angkat berat semua, terus jadi sesak napas tengok chippets2 tu pakai cam tu bersenam2 bebas.

I really dont mind if there happened to be, but I just wondered what would people feel if someday theres a laydy yg masuk2 gym cenggini:




No i'm not a pervert, but I just dint get the rationale behind it! x
By the way, im back to work tomoro (yeah weekend!) after a week off (post nights). I really dont look forward working in casualty on the weekend in a hot sunny wheather. First, the department itself can get really warm, plus the fact that u need to wear that thick casualty scrub (but at least u dont hv to put a formal shirt + tie on). Secondly people can get real stupid doing funny stuff, ending up with fractures and so on. Thus swamping the department. Trampoline accidents especially! They should be banned!


Thursday, 22 April 2010


Just a quick update after a looong hiatus. It's been 2 yrs since I last penned something on here. So what happened since then:
1- nothing
2- apart from living a new life as a doctor. I am doing A&E at the moment. It is an interesting job, but the shift be bizarrely odd. I will rarely have decent weekends, made worse by friends not being around when I happened to be off.
3- I will be doing a core medical training from august. I did wonder why I applied medicine in the first place. Semoga tuhan menetapkan hati ku :)